A Battle Guide book for women:
the battles we encounter,
and the tools to fight victoriously.


Welcome, I'm Danielle! I wish we were sitting across the table at some cute industrial coffee shop, with exposed light bulbs, but until then, this will have to do.
Truth be told, I have wrestled with my  story, and and the freedom Jesus promised.  Out of my own struggles and the saving grace of Jesus, I passionately invest my time to writing, speaking, and cultivating environments where other women can walk in true freedom.

I'm a military spouse, a mom of three, plus a Giant Schnauzer! I love local coffee shops, and basically any chocolate, ice cream combo dessert.

Empowering + Equipping women to fight the right fight.


Every Woman Encounters


The Battle Against Your:

1- Heart

3- Words

2- Mind

7- Calling + Legacy

4- Past

5- Present

6- Future

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"There is more to what
we see.
The real enemy + fight isn't who you think it is.
There will be no lasting victory until we suit up for battle, to fight the right fight, the real enemy."

"Satan wants to distract you long enough to doubt the goodness, provision, and truth of God, and in turn, lead you down a path you never wanted to be on, in a story you never wanted to be in."

"Essentials to fighting:

1- Always be aware of your surroundings- your head should be on a swivel.
2- Never throw just one punch- always throw multiple punches- Counters is the term, meaning you strike with the intent to throw about a three-punch- kick combination when defending yourself.
3- If 90% of fights end up on the ground, your first and best form of defense is always to run away, leave the scene and the attacker.

Warning: there are going to be days and moments that you do not feel like stepping on this battlefield.  When those moments spring up, all we can do is apologize and quickly get back to the right fight… the one that will change everything."

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