2016: Grace for the Moment

At the beginning of every year I pick a word that I feel is going to be something that I focus on for those upcoming 365 days.  The close of 2015, I was 9 months pregnant with a deployed husband, an amazing job, but if I'm honest, a good amount of frustration and bitterness.   … Continue reading 2016: Grace for the Moment

I’ve Been Obedient, Where is the Peace

Have you ever felt the Lord prompting you to do something?  For months I have, and then finally I took some time to really read, pray and drown out all other distractions and it came, clarity for the step I needed to take.  Upon hearing it, I was immediately taken back to five memories or … Continue reading I’ve Been Obedient, Where is the Peace

Take My Hand

One of the sweetest things that my 10- month old daughter, Emmaus is learning is the process of standing and walking... with assistance.  After a long day we came home and in no time she was attempting to scale any piece of furniture within a short crawl's distance. As I sat closely I began to … Continue reading Take My Hand

The Downward Spiral

Danielle: Do you remember in the book Love & Respect the "downward spiral?" Chris:  Yes Danielle: I am majorly spiraling right now... Don't we all wish that our relationships were without tension or miscommunication?  Me too.  Unfortunately that isn't the case and while my husband and I mostly do a great job at communicating, we … Continue reading The Downward Spiral

Knit Together

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb- Psalm 139:13 Monday, January 4th, Chris and I welcomed our beautiful daughter into this world.  Twelve days into her life I have stared at her face over and over again as if I was studying every inch of her body.  I'm in disbelief that we … Continue reading Knit Together