Take My Hand

One of the sweetest things that my 10- month old daughter, Emmaus is learning is the process of standing and walking… with assistance.  After a long day we came home and in no time she was attempting to scale any piece of furniture within a short crawl’s distance. As I sat closely I began to notice that without hesitation or even at times an intentional look, she would extend her hand back and out to me, trusting that I would catch her and guide her to her next desired location.  Each time I gladly took her tiny hand in mine and guided her, but only as long as she continued taking one step forward.


That experience triggered the thought, I wonder if God does the same with us.  No matter where we are and the ‘obstacle’ we are attempting to scale, that He is right there, watching, waiting and willing to step in and lead.  Maybe He patiently waits for us to extend our hand, trustingly to Him to guide us, but only if we continue taking the next step.  It seems so simple.  However as the obstacles become greater, the distractions become louder, I realize that it’s in those moments, in those seasons where I struggle to let go.  It’s those situations that I can’t possibly see any other way that to grip tighter, attempt to stand taller and for all that is left in me to just keep standing.

“Come this way!”  Each time I called out to her she would look and make the shift and half of the time she fell in the process, but as kids are resilient, she returned to the crawling position immediately, when back to the closest furniture and continued to climb again.  I pray that I help her always foster a spirit of “do it again,” that she never settles with a failed attempt, but chalks it up to another try.   I pray that she will be brave to reach and continue walking, when the steps are unknown and the path is unseen.  I want that.  Oh the simple joy, but wisdom to believe and to trust as a child does to their parent.  The emotional exchange of peace and confidence knowing that God has gone before, that He is in the midst and He is all around.  The fear should not be of falling, but rather never getting up again, never reaching for Him and never letting go to walk fully with Him.

Isaiah 41:10- “Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”


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