Knit Together

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb- Psalm 139:13

Monday, January 4th, Chris and I welcomed our beautiful daughter into this world.  Twelve days into her life I have stared at her face over and over again as if I was studying every inch of her body.  I’m in disbelief that we have a daughter and that she is so perfectly designed, created and unique but at the same point I see all the best features of both my husband and I in her.

Emma1Amidst countless hours of feedings through the night I began to create this picture in my head.  I wonder if God referenced back to the day He created me, reviewing all the features He gave me: my eyes, smile, nose, etc and then doing the same with Chris.  Just as we may return eagerly to an old journal or to a photo album, I picture God flipping through the pages and stages of both our designs, smiling with joy at His selections as if to say, “I love that smile so much on Chris- I couldn’t wait to give it to him.” Then picking each of those out and giving them to Emma… you knit me together in my mothers womb.

It amazes me to hold her and see resemblance of Chris and I both. It amazes me that I did nothing to assist this process of life and design along other than carry her and wait for her arrival.  It amazes me that she already has personality, movements and mannerisms, the ones I remember feeling in my stomach. It amazes me that after mistakes, mess ups and failures in both mine and Chris’ life that Gods grace is ever present to entrust us with this little girl.  It amazes me that I’m now a mother.
This whole process has and continues to be such a beautiful reminder of a loving father, the ultimate creator and the limitless level of his love for each of us.


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