One Choice Away

Hearing the news of star QB, Trevone Boykin and the San Antonio based bar fight were disappointing.  The articles, cameras and new reports tell a grim story and the sad reality is what’s done is done.  Should he had gone out after curfew? No.  Been at a bar drinking before his last bowl game? No  Threw a punch?  Absolutely not.   His name has been in the spotlight and is now tainted with this whole incident.  The comments left by readers on TMZ are heart breaking…

“Once a thug, always one”

“Just another loser who belongs in the ghetto”

“Shocker, he threw away all his potential and canned his career- Go back to where you belong”

I was infuriated scrolling through the list of 148 comments at the time- He is a person and a 22-year old kid on top of that.  I wonder what the worst decision any of these commentators ever made at the age of 22?  I certainly made my share of them and thank God there was no camera or crowd following me around to broadcast it.  The truth is- we are all one choice away from where we are and where we would never want to end up.   Actions have consequences.  I agree with them and respect them whole heartedly.  However, when we get to a point that we lack the grace to extend and the decency to respect a fellow human for a poor choice and then disregard all potential of their life- we have a much bigger problem on hand.

I don’t personally know Boykin, have no ties to him other than being a TCU fan, however- My hope is that this young man takes what happened and does something even greater with his life to set an example.  That God uses him in a way to impact other young men around the country in some way shape or form.  You see, Trevone has had a platform, now there is a story beginning- up to him to write the rest of it out, but there is great potential here.

Thankfully in time this will pass, as did our darkest days and poorest choices, but in the mean time-  we are all capable of poor choices, mistakes and regrets.  We always have the option to make a better choice and do something with our lives out of the consequences.



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