2015: BRAVE

I’m not sure when or how I started this, but over the past few years I have prayed for a word that represented the upcoming year.  Late January I told Chris I really felt like my word was “Brave” for this year.  As I sit here reflecting on this year, I’m overwhelmed with all that has happened and His faithfulness through it.

2015 in review:

-January: accepted a job with a startup company to work in a new field and try my hand at helping lead through a successful book launch.  Chris & I held our first FRG (Family Readiness Group) meeting for his company, officially stepping in as the Commander & FRG Leader.  I had no idea what was in store…

-March: We learned of a potential deployment to Africa that summer for Chris’ unit.  I remember thinking, “God, surely not- we just got married, we are supposed to have a Nashville wedding this year.  I’m not ready to walk this again.”

-April: Began to feel a tugging to return back to ministry.  We also learned the deployment was cancelled for Africa… Whew- Thankful!

-May: We found out we were pregnant! We also found out of a second potential deployment to Europe… talk about emotions.  This month I also began interviewing at Celebration Church for a job.

-June: Started my first day at Celebration in a role I was terrified to step back into.  Terrified because my last experience in ministry I left burnt out and in many ways felt like I failed.  The potential deployment to Europe was confirmed.

-July: Traveled to Boston, a long time bucket list item.  We also found out that we were having a girl, which brought on a whole new level of research, preparation & prayer.

-September: Completed my last wedding with Catalyst Weddings & Events, closing the door on my wedding & event planning business.  Thankfully there was nothing but peace, however arriving at this choice was so challenging- did this mean I failed?  What do I do with Catalyst now?

-November- Current: 7 months pregnant, my husband deployed for Europe and it has been a choice to be brave every day since.

The difference of where I was last year and this year is night and day difference.  I laugh at the thought- “If I knew then what I know now, how would I have handled it?”  But I’m thankful I didn’t know.  Each step of the journey has come one at a time and perfectly in line for preparation for what was next.  Nothing was out of order even though many things were outside of my timeline, but this has been a great first year of marriage, military life, moving back to TX and expecting our first child.

2016- I look forward to see all that you will hold!

Happy New Year!


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