Tell Us About Yourself

“We will go around the room- share your name, what company you are with and something about yourself…”  That is pretty much how our FRG (Family Readiness Group Meeting) opened tonight.  An FRG is a military organization created for families and soldiers as a form of communication, support, unity and involvement.  One by one I observed different spouses, all females tonight, stand and begin to share their information.  Two in particular stood out.

“Hi, my name is Amanda, we have been here for 5 years, I don’t really have anything interesting.”  She sits back down.

“I’m Sarah, we are from the east coast.  This is our first deployment, not really a fan of the heat here. I guess that’s it.”  She sits back down.

I read way too far into things- body language, appearance, tone of voice, eye contact… you name and I am probably looking for it.  My husband would tell you that I analyze everything, maybe too much, however, I couldn’t shake this thought in my head:  We were asked to introduce ourselves and share something interesting about us- you both just told me information centered around your husband- his job and current status.  Ummm, I want to know who you are!  The whole drive home I wondered if they truly even know who they are as women- what they are passionate about, do they have goals, ambitions, do they work, what do they enjoy doing in their spare time?  How are they handling this deployment?

Being a newlywed I will tread lightly, but it’s disheartening to see a woman- her beauty and potential swallowed behind something else: fear, lack of self-worth, insecurity, spouse job status, etc.  We are called to be a helpmate to our husbands, but who you are still matters.  The gifts, ambitions, passions, talents inside of you are very real and very much needed.  When we walk in our calling and when we are confident in who God called us to be we are probably better wives, friends, mothers, sisters or daughters.  I implore you to be intentional and spend time just beginning with asking yourself who you are, what you are good at and what some of your dreams are.

You are beautiful and needed!


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