See You Soon vs. Goodbye

Upon entering the timeframe for our first deployment in 2013 I was instructed that it is never “goodbye” but instead, “see you soon.”   I didn’t understand this at first.  I do now.

Goodbye indicates the ending- a season, relationship or conversation.  With the right inflection or timing, this can feel or be perceived as permanent.  To signify the ending, in my opinion it creates additional emotion and expectations on the parting to be all that it can be.  But how do you say “goodbye” to someone that is your better half?  Your best friend?  Your teammate?  The love of your life?  The reality is- no time is ever enough, no final hug, kiss, hand holding or embrace will ever satisfy the missed presence of them in your every day life.   So… I’ll see you soon.

Psychology it leaves us hopeful and stable that this farewell and temporary separation is just that- temporary.  This is a season, it isn’t forever and the reunion will be ever so sweet.  A soldier must go do their job, the family must carry on, life still happens and we all still need to live it- 5ft away or 5k miles away.  The countdown begins and every day you are one day closer to the return.  The return with an expectation that life will return to some element of what it was before leaving and that both sides will work to adjust again.

On the evening of day 1- I am so thankful that the Lord goes before us- He knows what this season looks like and His plans are for good.  He loves both Chris and I individually more than we could ever care for one another and we trust His plans in all of what lies ahead.  He is my constant and my ever present help.  He is my support and my strength.

I’ll see you soon my love!


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