Everything Walks the Talk

This past week I began reading Inside the Magic Kingdom- 7 Keys to Disney’s Success by Tom Connellan. I love learning the small, minute and what some may perceive as “overkill” to attention to detail Disney takes. For example, the fact that all the hitching posts on Main Street are re-painted every night, the trash cans in each themed area of the park are rotated for the cleanest, most spectacular looking ones are placed at the front.  The clothes in the presidential hall are hand- stitched, made with materials only relevant in their respective time period or the gold paint on the carousel which is actually 34-gold leaf paint and not just a gold shade.

Connellan shares the third success key for Disney- Everything Walks the Talk. That means the staff, the traditions class, the details of the park, the behaviors of every cast member and the systems in place reflect the excellence and perfection the Disney culture is built on.

As churches across the country are beginning to create positions and volunteer roles for Guest Services/Guest Experience I truly commend the church for realizing the value of both the guest and the volunteer paired with the investment of time, attention and care to a healthy culture. In my opinion, the miss that exists is that Guest Services, Guest Experience or First Impressions, whatever the title may be is a separate team or department. A culture of excellence in experiences created for our guests, designed with our volunteers should be a team that every staff member and volunteer are part of.

The interaction in the lobby with a guest as they are expressing interest in joining a small group

The process with a guest expressing interest in going on a mission trip for the first time

The experience for a first time visitor to the church

The experience when someone makes a decision to give their life to Christ and be baptized

The experience when hundreds of volunteers go out to serve their local community together

The experience when students & youth are heading to summer camp

The experience for new parents dedicating their child with the help of the Kids team

The experience of a guest walking into the church office Mon- Thur and receiving an incredible, seamless experience that tells them, “we are ready for you.”

If everything walked the talk for our guests and our volunteers, can you imagine the impact it would make?



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