Catalyst Women: Lean Into It

Mentors can be hard to find.  Especially women who lead in multiple mediums that you aspire to eventually achieve as well.  This past January I was fortunate to meet Lisa, a KY native entrepreneur, passionate about her work and supporting her husbands career in the military.  We have enjoyed countless lunch dates and her approach to life is inspiring.

When heading to a new location, how do you get connected and meet new people?

While I have always enjoyed playing sports, tennis has been my favorite for the past 25+ years. I always reach out to the USTA Community Tennis organization to find out how to get plugged into organized tennis. I have never failed at having lots of people to play tennis with. I also visit and pick out a church that I can make my home.

How do you re-charge and pace yourself in a busy and unpredictable lifestyle?

I try to have a balance outside of my work day. Whether its going to the community pond to feed the ducks and turtles or just to take a walk, that helps to clear my mind of the busy work day. I also try to get a massage on a fairly regular basis to reduce physical stress. Prayer is also key.

What aspects, programs or benefits have you come to enjoy about the military life?

The Army provides an organized community for spouses to be involved in. You can be involved a little or a lot. I think this is important for Army spouses. I have chosen to build important relationships and activities both inside and outside of the military parameters and find that I prefer a balance.

How do you find encouragement and inspiration?

We all have a choice in how we deal with difficult things in our lives. I find inspiration in seeing people work through and overcome difficult situations. I also personally feel led to provide encouragement to others. Life can be difficult – providing counsel, friendship and care to those in need is important to me.

What is one thing you would like to learn or accomplish this year?

I’m moving back to my home state of Kentucky this year. Sixteen years ago, I married and moved away, leaving a trail of friends and family that I no longer could see on a frequent basis. Though I have maintained those important relationships over the years in a long distance fashion, I hope to take advantage of being back in my home state and really reintegrating myself with a lot of people that mean so much to me.

If a new military spouse walked up to ask for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give your best suggestions, what would they be?

Infuse yourself with quality friendships. Life was not meant to be lived alone – be vulnerable to get to know others.

Work. It’s hard to have a meaningful career as a spouse, but it can be done. I’ve done it! Work can be a very rewarding and can improve your self esteem. If you don’t want to work, then volunteer. Find something you are passionate about and lean into it.



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