To Change! Cheers

I like to think that pruning, cutting things away, yields fuller growth in the end- Vines yield better grapes, flowers grow better and more full and trees are healthier.

I have gone through a few “pruning” periods in my life:

  • When I was 16 and I needed to change my surroundings because I wasn’t heading in a healthy direction… my parents selected this for me, but I’m thankful they did!
  • The time I was 22 and wanted a drastic change with my life after ending a 3-yr relationship
  • The time in my life when I was 24 and knew I needed to make some different friends if I wanted to grow in different ways

I’m starting to notice a gap and what feels like the on-set of pruning.  Seven months ago life looked very different- Different state, job, church, friends, local hang out spots, house, relationships status, etc.  Shortly post moving, some relationships began to look different with friends back home… for some, long distance friendships may just be a little easier, and that’s ok.  As life continues to go on back home and my new community here begins to grow, there is a gap that is growing.  It’s almost uncomfortable- the life I used to have is no longer mine.  I miss it, however, there is peace, potential and life to be lived where I’m at now.  The people, things and circumstances I was connected so closely with are distant in comparison to the people, things and circumstances that I am now involved in.

It feels like a pruning– it’s uncomfortable, a little scary, less than ideal and completely out of my control… however, growth and life have been abundant results in the past and I trust one day at a time forward will do the same.

Here’s to change!



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