We all Have Lids

The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader’s Day” by John Maxwell may be one of the best gifts I have ever received.  I genuinely love learning about leadership and thankfully one of my leaders recognized that and invested in me.  Thank you Jenni Catron for this gift!

“Every leader has a lid on his life.  They don’t disappear when a person receives a title, achieves a position, or is invested with power. The issue is never whether you have lids.  The issue is what you are going to do about them.”  My take-away definition of a “lid” is what we allow in our life or our surroundings to limit us.

Below is the example Maxwell gives as a lid comparison of Saul & David’s situations:

Saul’s Lid’s: Fear, Impatience, Denial, Impulsiveness, Deceit, Jealousy & Anger

David’s Lids: His Family, His leader, His Background and his Inexperience/ Age

While reading through this, I was immediately encouraged.  I believe dreams are from the Lord; that He plants seeds in our hearts- things we are passionate about, things we find interesting, etc.  The older we get, the more we recognize fear, comparison of others and threats that can hurt us emotionally, professionally, physically, etc.

Excuses. I am notorious for making up reasons why I haven’t or won’t do something “today.”  Fear is typically the driving force, but the truth is, it is an excuse not to try or stretch myself.  David was a man after God’s own heart; his potential for excuses were endless and relatable to ones which stall or stop most of us probably today.

David didn’t have the support or belief from his own family that he could one day be king or fight Goliath.

Saul was David’s direct leader.  As his leader, Saul felt threatened by David so became determined to inhibit him and eventually try and kill him.

David came from a family whose father was known through the land as “Jesse the Bethlehemite” a man without lofty lineage or powerful position.

David would have been considered a teen or “youth” when he stepped up to fight Goliath.  No one took him serious, not to mention, it was also his first time in battle…ever!

The lids may never disappear, but I guess that is encouragement that we are forever stretching past our comfort zone, past ordinary, embracing unconformability and forever growing into our greatest opportunity yet.

God is a God of endless possibility, which means we have limitless potential and are only limited by the lids that we permission to remain on us.

We all have lids.  What are we going to do about them?



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