Buy the Microphone

I love asking if people enjoy what they currently do, and then following it up with, “What would you rather do instead for work?”  The pause, slight head tilt and minimal smile is present in the response usually.  At times we are then able to unpackage it a bit more- why didn’t you do that?  Are you still working towards that?  What’s holding you back?

Fear. It comes back to fear always.  “What if no one likes my blog, what if I don’t have the money to pay the bills, what if I invest money in the product and it doesn’t end up working?  What if I can’t find the investors for it.”

Recently, I found out about a job opening that I have both experience in and a passion for.  I’m not in the market for a job at this time, but still the thought intrigued me- What If I did take it on?  In moments… like 5 minutes later, I had already built this scenario in my ahead.

Thought Process: Wow, what a great opportunity, I bet I would love that!  How would I fit it into my current schedule? What in my current schedule would I have to give up?  What if I wasn’t as good as they thought I would be for the job?  I would have to work weekends again and Chris is only off on weekends- when would we have time together?  What would I do when Chris gets his next work assignment? What if our marriage starts failing because we never have time together?  We are going to need years of counseling to recover.

Back to Reality: They had not even offered me the job or asked me to come in for an interview.  Instead we had great dialogue and I was in route with Chris for a dinner date.

Don’t Judge me.  Please.  I share that because there are so many dreams I have.  Dreams that everyone around us have, but we don’t pursue them because we are crippled by fear, and it’s not even the next step.  Usually the fear is several steps down the road that we have already committed to happening, so we stop all together.  I recently met an amazing woman who has a  dream of having her own talk show one day where women all around the world would share their stories.  Her pitch for it is much better than that, but that is the concept.  As we talked about our fears for our own dreams, we identified the next step- Mine was a business plan, hers was to Buy the Microphone.  

No company, organization or concept was built overnight- small diligent steps with resilient persistence.

What is the next step for you? Start There… nothing else.


One thought on “Buy the Microphone

  1. Rachael says:

    I can relate to this! With lots of decisions I make, I’m already playing out scenarios about the “bad stuff” that could happen! It’s a constant “what if” (especial if it’s about my son!)

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