Dream with me…

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to network with, learn from and engage with some incredible female leaders.  From small groups, to coaching groups, co-workers and to conferences.  The circles have changed, but the underlying message remains: to encourage and empower women to walk in their strengths and flourish.

Presented at times more or less eloquently, we as women have a tendency to doubt, compare, fear, judge, gossip and become stagnant more than men.  It’s unfortunate, but at some point, we created habits and tendencies that shielded us from even our true selves, which then created barriers for everyone else (social media probably only heightens this).  Special thanks to Donald Miller & Scary Close for this excerpt.

In my short time as a military wife, it seems as though an entirely new strand of the above tendencies exist.  The guard is up and fortified… It is a walk and life pattern unlike any other that involves great change, expectations, minimal flexibly and great unpredictability.  

What if there was a way to bring together hundreds or thousands of these wives for support, encouragement, empowerment and rest?

What if there was a way that spouses who have been through it, walked multiple tours, experienced the countless fears of “not knowing” yet, came out stronger and closer with their soldier were able to support newer spouses in their journey?

What if the spouses could get encouragement, inspiration and resources from one another, rather than remain isolated?

What if there was a way to help military wives and female soldiers identify what their true God- give talents/ Strengths were?  How to apply them in work.  In their home.  In their local FRG (Family Readiness Group).

What if passions were discovered, lives were changed, marriages strengthened, dreams pursued, self- worth heightened, true friendships formed and families changed?

I can’t stop thinking about this, and I love it…

What If?


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