IF: Gathering Part 1

Am I good enough?

Do I have what it takes?

Is it silly to dream this big?

What if I fail?

What will people think?

How would I pay my bills?

What do I have to say that someone hasn’t already said?

What IF…?


 The questions above are ones that I ask myself regularly; on a daily basis, I am probably thinking one if not all of these.  In my definition, IF: Gathering is a place that challenges you to state your questions and fears, and then ask yourself, “IF God is real and IF God is who He says He is, then what’s the problem?  IF He has given me this, or called me to do something then what is holding me back?”

This past weekend, gathered in a room with 2,000 women, worshiping, dreaming and reflecting was nothing less than amazing.  I have been to countless conferences before, Christian ones at that, but never have I witnessed what looked like women on stage fighting for me and every other women in there to know their worth, their purpose, their calling and God’s love for each of us.  Whew!  Talk about beautiful and encouraging.

I was challenged on so many things which I will address in the next post, but because of seeing the faith, the “loose ends” that these women had last year before their first conference, because they shared many of their own fears in their own journey, it gave me courage to dream big and ask What If I can?  What if I didn’t fail?  What if God used me to impact hundreds or thousands of  others?  What If…?

“I truly believe women are the greatest untapped resource.” – Lynn Hybels



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