A Gentle Nudge

After a long weekend away, I was ready to get home yesterday to Chris for some much-needed quality time.  With  Austin only an hour south, we hit the road for a late start, but loving he 70 degree weather to enjoy some Texas bbq.  As we pulled into the restaurant a man with tired eyes and grungy clothes sat under a shaded tree holding a sign, “just hungry.”

As we stood in line to order our food, I leaned into Chris and asked if we could get the man outside a meal as well.  Confused he asked what I meant.  I explained somewhat surprised that he had not seen him.  He didn’t respond, but went to the counter, ordered two meals and a third to- go.  We enjoyed our food, but my mind was off and wondering about how I was going to take out this food and what to say, etc.  Chris gets up for a drink re-fill, after I while I turn to look for him. Moments later, I see him head outside to give the man his food.  I had perfect line of sight into their interaction.  At first I wanted to go as well, but I felt it best to just sit.  The man eagerly stood and smiled at Chris.  I don’t know what Chris said, but the guy shook his hand and thanked him again.  As we left, we looked for him again, both wanting to talk to him more- no trace of him anywhere.

“Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it”- Hebrews 13:2

That moment and interaction was significant.  Chris was so thankful that we did that and thanked me for the gentle “nudge.”  He didn’t see the guy, but trusted me with what I felt.  Giving food, I’m sure blessed the guy, but giving really blessed us, maybe even more.  It’s moments like that, that I am reminded the value in slowing down to just hear or feel a gentle nudge from the Lord.



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