Prophecy. Process. Patience.

This morning I listen to a fascinating sermon by Victory Worship Center in Tucson, AZ on The Process of God.

Every message can be relatable, but this one particularly for me related so very much to the last two years of my life.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone is going through some type of process: transition in finding a new job, determining if the relationship is right for you, an unexpected season in your life, transition in making current work situations manageable, etc.  Maybe nothing has been spoken over you prophetically, but I believe God plants desires within our hearts, which kick-start the process for us.


The end of 2013, Chris and I received the same prophecy from this pastor in AZ, “2014 is going to be a year of abundance and great harvest for you.”  I had no idea what that meant and I honestly didn’t know how to take it.  Honestly I thought that sounded great, but I wanted some bullet points of what that meant or a road map of how to reap that.  It didn’t happen.  He just repeated it and told me to look for it.   “Um, ok, thanks…”  I was so confused.  My boyfriend was leaving for nine months to go to war and this was supposed to be a year of abundance?

December 14th came quicker than I would have liked and he left for Afghanistan on an 8 month and 23 day tour.


My “process” became a very real and tangible thing quickly: waiting, asking, pleading.  My questions for months were endless- “Why didn’t we meet until a few months before he deployed?  Why are we having to “date” (as best you can from 7,000 miles away) like this?  It’s not fair that everyone else gets to have their significant other home, while I haven’t seen mine in months.  Why…?  Some moments I felt frustrated, some confused but more than anything just saddened at missing life with him and not always knowing his safety.


I was and am fortunate enough to friends and family that prayed with  me, over me and kept me sane.  In particular, my then, boyfriend’s mom, now my mother-in-law was my rock.  “Danielle, God knows the perfect amount of time that this situation needs to be complete and full.  Think of it like a baby; it takes a full 9 months to complete growth and development before birth.  That mother physically and emotionally wants to see and hold that baby more than anything, but she knows that bringing the baby into the world before it is time could cause great harm to the baby and possibly her.  Every day of that process has purpose for completion- lungs, toes, eyes, brain, heart, etc.  This time has purpose- every day holds something for you to learn, to work at, strengthening the heart of your relationship.  (She’s great, isn’t she?)

pa·tience (noun)

The desire for a Godly mate and one who I knew was who God had for me has been there for many years.  The prophecy in 2013 was something I lacked faith in, yet viewed with great curiosity.  The process ended up yielding great joy and understanding.  Chris and I refer to his deployment as a bittersweet gift.  In a perfect world we would have never wanted him to leave, yet we both realize his leaving and that time was necessary for us to grow, develop and flourish better together.  2014 ended up being a year of great harvest and abundance in more ways than I could articulate.

Even now, moving, getting married and starting what seems like a new life is a process.  Thankfully, the lessons from the last process are still fresh and I am trying to rely on those, scripture and promises from the Lord- one day at a time.


I just want to encourage you that nothing is wasted in the process if you allow God to use it for His glory.  He is always working for our good.



One thought on “Prophecy. Process. Patience.

  1. Rachael says:

    This time has purpose- every day holds something for you to learn, to work at, strengthening the heart of your relationship.

    These are wise words. Love this whole post. Can’t wait to read more from you!


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