FRG: The Beginning

FRG stands for Family Readiness Group in the military.  The purpose is to be a support system to the families of our soldiers.  This group is vital- support to and from all families, support to and from all soldiers and then from the families to soldiers and vice versa.  Coming in brand new to military life, I see only positive opportunity in this and great value.  Chris and I both are excited to begin this with his new company.  There is a negative disposition for many that have been around.  Unfortunately, from what I have heard, there were poor choices where the FRG structure was setup by rank.  The group was click-ish.  The group wasn’t active or didn’t communicate enough.

Two weeks ago we met with soldiers and some of the families, asking them to give us grace, inviting them to come to our design meeting on January 8th and help design and build a FRG that they want to be part of.  Preparing for that meeting and now preparing for the 8th, I am praying for open hearts, constructive input and involvement.  I am praying for a chance for trust and to dismiss the negative previous notions and to give it a try.  Already my prayers are for the families- that every spouse would know they have value, that they would know we are better with their involvement and that the soldiers and their families would feel that continuously.

We are beginning a new chapter.  We are determined to engage, empower and equip families and soldiers to be better, to do better and to build something better.  Please pray with me for these new volunteers, for the hearts of the spouses that are willing to step forward and build this with me and for the next chapter, that we would be willing to risk comfort and convenience for something new and great.


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