Welcome to Army Life

Week one of married life is in the books and man, what a week.  Aside from what I can only assume as the normal process of trying to adapt and acclimate to all new aspects, throw Army routine and requirements on there and it makes for an interesting element.  With positivity, Chris and I prioritized what needed to be accomplished this week: Get car tags, military ID and Air field badge.  Three little things, should be simple enough.  Wrong.

Attempt 1- Go to the service center, only to realize that the two ID’s I did bring my license & passport were not sufficient.  After a rude interaction with one of the service center team members, I was handed a sheet of paper clearly explaining everything.  I leave.

Attempt 2- The following morning, Chris and I returned with proper documentation, or so we thought, to get everything completed.  “Sorry sir, we don’t accept a certified copy of the marriage license.” Sure enough in some small print at the bottom of the page, it does say all documents must be originals.  Frustrating Moment-  it shouldn’t read that a copy is allowed anywhere…

Attempt 3- Two days later, Chris and I return will all original documents and sufficient identification pieces.  As we approached the service center, I read on a small sheet at their door that they are closed for a power outage.  Apparently this outage has been scheduled for a month, which to our frustration we didn’t know and then sent us on a four-hour hunt to get everything in place by other means.  As we stood figuring out our plan of resolution, three other couples walked up, frustrated by the surprise of the close of the service center and the inconvenience to have to return with no alternative solution available.

My first introduction- negative and disorganized.  It really is disheartening to see already a lack of structure and communication to families at the Post.  How hard would an email out to all families have been?  What about making a handout for families still trying to get their resources that Thursday with an alternative solution to still get their necessary items that day?  What about verbally telling families that week leading up to Thursday as a reminder that they would be closed that day?

I’m eager to get involved, to learn and help however I can.  I was so lucky that my husband was able to re-organize two of his work days to make sure I was taken care of!

I wonder what families just entering the military do and how they handle that?


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