The Concept

Growing up I always loved love.  I was fascinated by how people would meet one person, share nothing more than a platonic exchange and then turn to “their person” and see an interaction of love, trust and endearment.  Divorce fascinated me… how do you go from choosing someone, wanting to do life with them to regret, bitterness and resentment?  Meeting couples well into 40 years of marriage that seemed still happy and content with their partner, I would often ask one of two questions: “How did you know?” or “Do you have any advice for a long-lasting marriage?”

If you have never asked either of those questions, I highly recommend asking the second… often.  I have received some of the most amazing answers and believe it or not, the most simple ones:

never go to bed mad.  Always commit to resolving it together

-“I handle the big problems and she handles the small ones and we support each other”

-Make sure you always keep them as your best friend

-Love is always a choice and divorce can never be an option

-Have a relationship with the Lord first and then each other

Back to the first question- “How did you know that they were the one?”  I have asked this for years and to countless people, but the most frequent answer and one that I have grown to strongly dislike is, “when you know you know.”  With every response, I vowed to never give that answer when I did meet “him” and to also have a better answer.  So here’s my attempt.


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