Failure- Only What You Allow

Returning from my trip to Disney, my mind is flooded with thoughts about conversations, stories and the “what if” question.

I recently got to have lunch with Dick Nunis, a Disney and business legend, investing 45 years with the company opening the infamous Walt Disney World.  As we had lunch, he shared stories of opening day of the park.  “What a disaster, so much went wrong.  So much so that cast members referred to it as Black Sunday.”  I sat shocked, and continued to ask questions.  Story after story from park employees and executives laying sod hours before, a gas leak, a park fence collapsing to the Mark Twain riverboat … with guests.

Fascinated by their failures, I began to research a few more details about their failures and came across this great site, Frontierland Sation.  For details and some amazing other failures, check out their post- Disneyland Opening Day- What You Didn’t Know.


We know Disney to be what it is today- amazing guest experience, amazing customer service, clean, perfectly designed and Walt- the great visionary behind it all.  The point is, countless people said it was a failure and said it wouldn’t last.  What if Walt had listened and stopped or gave up?  It would have failed and the world would never know the Disney it is today.

What if I had allowed words of negativity to influence starting my wedding company, Catalyst, what if I allowed negative influence to question the vision for Guest Experience that I feel like the Lord has placed in my heart?  What if I had accepted the job at the previous company I was with for over 6yrs instead of

Failure can either drive you or cripple you to kill your dream.   What is the dream or project that you need to push through to prevail?


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