What a beautiful weekend:

-Christs’ Resurrection

-The ultimate gift of Hope

-The fulfillment of a promise

-209 people at Cross Point gave their life to the Lord

– Countless volunteers at all campuses, some hopefully returning

-Record attendance

-New t-shirts were a huge hit

-New guests visited Cross Point

In many ways leading up to the weekI think I lost site of what Easter was truly about.  In more ways this year it has caused great reflection, more so than ever before.  Maybe because I needed to rely on something far past my own strength?  Maybe because my walk with the Lord has grown.  Maybe because I chose a different perspective.  Not sure, but it has been interesting even thinking through today, conversations, emotions and interactions that people had 2,000 years ago.

What did they feel on Friday, how hopeless they must have felt.  How mad people must have been. How in dis-belief followers must have been upon hearing the tomb was empty.  The sheer shock of seeing Jesus walk through walls.  The speechlessness of people who maybe scoffed at him on Friday and now gazed at him respectfully on Sunday.  What must it have been like 🙂

There has only been 1 time in my life where I remember being in a “hopeless” season.  A time in which I saw no light at the end of the tunnel, no resolution, felt no peace and truly questioned the survival of each day.  This weekend I found myself thinking of that hopeless time and just smiling knowing that God knew “Sunday was coming.” My peace was there, the light was ahead, resolution at its time had purpose and that experience was only temporary.  Such a sweet thought and one I am so thankful for.

“Sunday is Coming” The truth of it is- no matter the season, the length or the circumstances, God know’s Sunday is coming and that is beautiful.


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