What If…

What is something that kills dreams?  Something that destroys opportunities?  A thing that breaks friendships, limits relationships and withdraws intimacy?  Something that keeps you from making the most amazing memories, or risking it all to pursue what you were truly called to be or do?  If a physical person did any of these things, instantly I would have words with this person and be done with them.  “Who do they think they are?  In fact, just to prove them wrong, I am going to pursue this and excel…”  I wouldn’t allow it.

I wish I didn’t allow it, yet, I do.  However, it isn’t a person- it’s a thing and it’s called Fear.  We learn this- no one ever stops to tell you to be afraid of something, but I think we learn by example and experience.  Many times I am guilty of making the wrong choice and instead fall into a pattern that is comfortable and “good enough.”  I relate this running a marathon:

If you choose not to train, you get to sleep in most Saturday mornings, you don’t have to deal with muscular pains, chest pains, mental lies, make time for the long runs, pack extra clothes, pay the money for a race, stay inside on the cold or wet days… I mean there are pro’s.  When you choose not to train though, you also miss out on taking advantage of the day, feeling the confidence of the accomplishment of a goal completed.  You miss out on the camaraderie of new friends striving for the same goal.  Your muscles don’t grow, your endurance doesn’t change, your mind allows excuses to prevail and you miss the opportunity at hand to grow mentally, physically and emotionally.

Life is rarely black and white, wrong or right.  Many times it is grey and the color added is by the people and activities you surround inside your picture.  As a planner I try to calculate what I should do next month, next year this time and sometimes to the point of shame.  Thankfully I was reminded this week that God has never once, nor will He ever ask me to have a solution for Him.  What we do have to do is keep taking that next step forward in obedience and trust, even if we have no idea where it is leading.

Questions that I continue to ask myself:

What is the next step you need to take?  What are you being called to do?  What role is fear playing in this?



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