It’s Seasonal, Right?

We are entrusted with things for a season- positional authority, people, money, relationships, opportunities, experiences, etc.  I know this.  I understand the concept.  Seasons change, seasons have a beginning point, a peak, a change as for preparation for the next one and as it ends the next begins.

Fall and summer are my favorite seasons.  They bring sunshine, outside activities, fun clothes, vibrant colors and often the best memories. The ending is always sad for me, yet in the midst of spring and winter, I find the joys of those.  They never quite make it to my favorite’s list, but I enjoy them.  As a lover of people, a people- pleaser and a control addict, when relational seasons change, it is a process for me.

Examples- A person has to leave a team due to other responsibilities in their life, a friend moves away due to a job, priorities change as life changes.  I know this, I get it and I myself walk through the seasons.  Change means something different and something new.  It is my choice as to what lens I will view it through… oh the joys of responsibility.

This week there have been many changes that are seasonal- all relationally based.  These are the hardest for me.  Truth- the season of what was doesn’t mean that it ends, it just means that it looks different.  As I respond to emails, or phone calls of changes, my lens of choice is gratitude.

I am thankful….

to have met these people

to have served in some capacity with these people

for the coffee dates

for the growth I have seen personally, spiritually and emotionally in their life

for how they have supported, affirmed and loved me through this past season

for their honesty

for the friendship that we have built

for their communicated support in whatever this next season is

Everything is seasonal.  Knowing that doesn’t necessarily make it easier, but I hope it encourages you as that thought does for me, to take full advantage of every aspect of your current season.  To view it with a lens of gratitude and know that there is purpose or “peaks”  in all of it.



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