Black Shirt. iPad Up. Sunglasses on

Every time I come to CREMA I see you.

I see you sitting on the outdoor patio, black shirt, iPad up, sunglasses on.  October 13th.  Day after my last wedding of the year and the day you drove back from ATL.  When you texted me for coffee, I was surprised as I remember sitting in the far wing area, counting for the 9am service.  In some ways I wanted to be mad at you for pulling back over the last several days (I of course now understand why) and not meet up.  I hesitated.

Something inside of me said differently.  I knew something was different about you.  I felt something different for you.  With guards up and a hopeful heart, I met you.  With sunglasses on as the sun set I remember thinking how attractive you were, telling myself to keep it light and just to accept that all we would probably be is friends and that I would be ok with that.

Our time was short and I honestly don’t remember what we talked about.  What I do remember is that night, walking me to my car, talking, laughing about something.  We made a bet about something and of course in true sarcastic form, I relaxed.  Your smile was genuine that evening, something in your eyes had changed and I felt that for the first time you saw me.

I love CREMA.  Their cuban coffee is amazing, their ingredients are natural, their atmosphere is intentional, but mostly because I see you.  On the patio.  Black shirt, iPad up, sunglasses on. The difference-  you are no longer someone I wish I knew, but the one I have fallen in love with, delight in getting to know your heart, your scars and share in this journey with.



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