When There are No Words

As this is my personal blog, I guess it is as good of a place to any to talk about my personal life.  A few months ago, I began dating a soldier in the Army with the knowledge that a deployment to Afghanistan was nearing.  I never seem to do things easy, so why break that trend now?  We started a relationship almost a month to the day before he left and well, here I am, counting down 8 more moths until he returns 🙂  Ha, it sounds crazy, it is crazy, but something I have been reminded of these last four months is that God’s timing is always perfect and that taking something day by day gives much more capacity to handle what’s required in that moment than looking ahead to control what we cannot yet touch.

I know more about the military now than I ever have, yet I still feel like I know absolutely nothing- battalions, brigades, XO’s, The Hooch, TOC, UH-60’s, BlackHawks, Apaches, MEDEVAC and DustOff are just a few of the words that now fill my conversations.  Baby steps.  I am a curious person.  The art of asking questions is something I attempt to be a student of and practice continuously.  With that comes the love of learning.  The lifestyle of serving your country, leaving for extended amounts of times, knowing that you have a duty and a responsibility for your county and the discipline of these men & women is fascinating to me.  It always has been.  But that was it, fascinating with an appropriate amount of respect for those that have and currently serve.

A lifestyle that I have never known, yet am beginning to just catch a small glimpse of is the mental & emotional strength many of these women/ families behold while their “person” is away.  Before he left, I got to meet a few of the wives of his fellow soldiers, now deployed with him.  They shared this blog the other day, with a smile and a sweet roll of the eyes like, “I support him and this is what I signed up for…”  I was left speechless.  I am speechless.  There are no words to describe the courageous, selfless choices that these women make, the sacrifices the families make and last but not least, the respect and honor the soldiers deserve who serve our country.




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