The Myth of Enough

Have you ever set out on something with the mindset, “If I can just accomplish this, then I would be happy?”  I have done this consistently through my life’ however my “this” has continued to change.

“If I could just get in with this group of friends, then…”

“If I could just have a better car, then…”

“If I just knew that one day I would be successful in this, then…”

“If I  knew that this relationship was it, then…”

“If I could just change this about my body, then…”

I used to think, God, if you could show me this, then I would be happy & content.  Now, God has shown me, and I am finding myself still asking, “God, I’m so happy with this, but could you just show me ____ for this next season?”  I stopped yesterday and thought, what if “enough” is never something that you arrive at, but something we forever potentially can chase after.   I’m so guilty of always wanting to be at the next season, to see what the future holds, that I miss what this season is or what this “enough” season (the one I once asked for) holds.  It’s hard, I don’t think our culture encourages this style of living, however, as I continued to formulate that idea I realized it’s a mindset that pushes us to trust God in those moments of searching for “enough.”

Jon Acuff, a Nashville based, author and speaker once encouraged to define what your “enough” is, or else it will define you.

Today I am challenging myself to define my enough’s or my point of satisfaction for the following :

-My jobs I get to work

-With my family

-In my relationship

-With my friendships

-My workout routines

-My materialistic belongings


I’m tired of running.  Of chasing something that I quite possibly will never possess if I don’t define my finish line and surrender it to God.




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