Yes, I’m Thankful for These Moments

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I woke up this morning, my roommate and I enjoyed some nice organic coffee and  talked through what we were most thankful for.  She is an easy one for me to be grateful for as well as several other people in my life, but I realized, especially in this season I am so thankful for so many other “seasonal” chapters of my life.

1. Legacy Christian Academy: The private school I attended in Dallas, where I learned some tough lessons about people, christianity, my self-worth and friendship.   Unfortunately, I was a terrible friend in that season of my life, but how now used that to propel my intentionality in being present now.  Things I wish I could go back and change, but it was a season that had purpose

2. TX to TN: I loved TX and I loved many parts of the life that I lived while there.  At 17 my parents up-rooted our family to TN, 2 weeks before my senior year.  Life as I knew it was over, or so I thought. Moving to TN has been one of the best things that has ever happened from friends, jobs, the city, traveling, my family and my church.  The first year was so painful, but every year as July 26th rolls around, I truly am thankful for another year here, another year past that season and the joy it has brought.

3. 09′ Car Accident- While I would never wish to walk this experience again, I wrecked my new car of 5 months in 2009 with a few cuts on my face and some lower back issues.  The accident, injury, inconvenience of not having a car for weeks and much more gave me time and resources to evaluate some things in my life.  Due to that time, I took a risk and left working for Best Buy to travel for three months and just focus on me- who I was and who I wanted to be.  Nothing about that was easy, but the people, the lessons and the experiences were truly gifts that had purpose.

4.  Missed Promotions- I have walked the line of being a “workaholic at times.”  Maybe I am, but I love what I do, so the balance is a struggle.  Over my 10 years of being in the working world, I have attempted many things for leadership positions, taken leaps that maybe I wasn’t ready for or taken risks for the wrong reasons.  In the midst of failure, I have learned so much and seen God’s hand in every situation of being “passed over” for whatever that desired next step was.  I know there will be more to come, but I have learned so much in those times and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in this current season.  They all had purpose.

5.  Failed Relationships- Every single relationship I have learned something from.  Each one has been a huge growing experience, some more painful and have had a greater impact than others, however each one had purpose.  At the time I didn’t see it, I definitely hated feeling the emotions of the questions of “why” & “what if” but the truth is, they were there for a season and a reason.

I’m thankful for many of these moments of my past, thankful for the blessings of this current season and so many friends & family that I get to share them all with.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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