The SW 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Many Hale, a sweet friend and author of The Single Woman pitched a great idea to engage inspiration from fellow followers.  For more details on the challenge, click here, but the idea is to blog about various topics & questions for the next 30 days, so here is to Day 1!

Day 1:  Your response to everyone’s favorite question: “And why are YOU still single?”

This question always makes me laugh a little as I catch myself wanting to sarcastically ask in response back, “what kind of response are you really looking for?”

I don’t though.  At least not yet.  I smile and simply say, “I’m not really sure.  I’ve come close twice, but it just hasn’t been right, God  has protected me and He has other things for me right now.  I love this season that I have been given and I plan to only have a season of “singleness” once, so why not embrace it?”

That usually ends the silly conversation with a smile across their face and a response of, “well, good for you.”

I often wonder if people really think about what they are truly asking and what kind of response they are expecting to get.  Being single isn’t a curse, but rather a choice not to settle and an opportunity to embrace this current chapter and our time chase after our dreams.



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