Eight Years Ago…

I am nostalgic.  Reflection of the past and curiosity of the future I would say is a strong past-time that I exercise frequently.  Maybe it’s just me, but do you ever think about where you were on this “exact day” or think about how much has changed in that period of time?

Eight years ago today, my family and I loaded up a van, a U-haul and a car to make our move to Nashville from Dallas.  At the time I was 17, way too emotional at the new living situation and infuriated with both my parents and God that they would do this to me.  How could they?  Life was over as I knew it.  Senior year began in TN and needless to say it wasn’t easy, but I made some pretty amazing friends from it and best of all, I learned that I could survive and possibly even thrive in challenging and painful times.  Two months later began working for a great company which taught me a lot about life, business and leadership.

There are so many moments of, “I wish I could have done this a little differently” or moments that I would love a do-over, however, collectively the last eight years have been a beautiful journey of joy, great lessons, lots of tears, growth and full of hope.  Many days feel overwhelming or moments where I think, “this is my life” but in the best ways.  In my more often than I like to admit moments of weakness, doubt or confusion, I love to think about how I  have only seen little pieces of the puzzle over the past eight years, and yet how great they have turned out, so why not trust God, His plan and His timing now?

I’m so incredibly thankful my plan didn’t work out eight years ago and continually thankful that God loves me enough to save me for His plan.

Here’s to living boldly today and another wonderful year in TN!


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