Popsicles & Tequila

Are you curious about the title?  Well, both together worked out quite nicely.

I work for a church in Nashville, TN as their First Impressions Director, meaning, I get to work with volunteers to help create a great experience to people coming & going through our doors every Sunday.  During the summer we do a special called “Surprise & Delight” where we pass out sweet treats for a few weeks, the first one being popsicles. Three weeks ago I had a leaders dinner where I invited a few of the current leaders to a “vision night” to brainstorm about what we do well as a team and what opportunities we need to work on.  The particular restaurant that we were at is known for their variety and high quality of tequila, with that said, a few people wanted to sample the tequila and a few others ordered beer.  Yes, we were at a “church” meeting, and I don’t see anything wrong with it.  I just didn’t pay for their alcohol 🙂

At the end of the dinner one of the leaders, who happens to work at the restaurant was friends with our server was talking with her when someone  asked her where she went to church.  The girl laughed and mentioned that she and God weren’t on the best of terms, they didn’t really see eye to eye and that she didn’t really do church.

Half jokingly I reached up, touched her arm and exclaimed, “you should come and help me pass out popsicles on Sunday!”  She looked at me inquisitively and we began to talk about it. The evening ended wonderfully and with the servers email address to give her more info about passing out popsicles on Sunday.

Saturday I emailed her all the details- parking, attire, popsicles, etc and honestly with little expectation that she would show.  What sense does it make, someone who works 6 days a week to show up at 8:15am on a Sunday to a place they have never been and furthermore, to a place that they have been on the fence about. 

Sunday morning, I was shocked and excited to see her walk through the doors.  Her explanation, “Any church that allows tequila and passes out popsicles, sparks my interest enough to try it once.”  She jumped in that morning and served all three of our morning services, attended one and ended up loving it!  I had randomly, or so I thought, placed her, her friend and a married couple at the front doors to greet guests.  The wife randomly asked my new friend, “I know this is random, but do you by chance need a dining room table?”  Turns out, she in fact did and the married couple had just been carrying their past set around in the back of their SUV for the past few weeks, knowing they were supposed to give it to someone, but not sure who.  After church ended, the couple drove to my new friends house, set up the table and refused to take any money for it.  Random?  I like to think of it as divine interaction.

Joy is the best way I know how to describe my emotion from that morning.  Four days previous, this girl had no interest in church and probably little in God and no one knows where her life will go, but it is pretty awesome to think about the interaction and impact that happened Sunday morning.  It’s moments like that where I think, a seed was planted.  Maybe I will get to see it grow, maybe I won’t, but how amazing that every time she looks at that dining room table, she will think about that couple and the church that passed out popsicles and allowed tequila at their meeting.

I thought I was just inviting someone to pass out popsicles, but little did I realize the opportunity at hand and hopefully it is just the beginning 🙂


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